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On the morning of July 9, 2024, Mr. Viet Anh, Ambassador of Minh Nguyen Plastics, attended the workshop “Plastics & Carbon Credit Program”.

NMN is a business that recognizes the importance of the carbon credit market, which is also a trend of green consumption, green production, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Transitioning to green production is a trend that many countries are pursuing to achieve the goal of carbon emissions of “0” by the middle of this century.

NMN representative said that together we should learn and practice carbon credits with other countries. Accompanying to exploit the plastic market, develop agriculture and forestry, learn about sustainable water resources in the future. Practice and combat, experience and provide real data for the Seminar of business representatives, which is also the criteria for NMN to exploit the market, accompany farmers to support the production of automated products for the agriculture and forestry sector in Vietnam.

The NMN Ambassador believes that green solutions are the premise for the development of the business ecosystem as well as protecting the “green lungs” of the community. Thereby, he shared the company’s mission, vision, and specific directions and solutions in reducing waste and applying VERRA standards.

Talking about the carbon credit trend, Mr. Viet Anh shared: “If businesses do not build a sustainable development roadmap right now, in the future they will have to pay a lot of money to buy carbon credits. This not only affects production costs but also threatens the competitiveness and long-term development of businesses”. Ambassador NMN sees the value of the plastics market, so he wants to bring plastic products closer to the retail market.

The presence of Minh Nguyen Plastic Ambassador at the seminar “Plastics & Carbon Credit Program” promises that NMN will accompany the development of agriculture and forestry, and research on sustainable water resources in Vietnam. At the same time, it strongly inspires all businesses to take practical actions together to contribute to creating sustainable values ​​for the future.