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Industrial Plastics

What is Industrial Plastic??

  • Industrial plastics have more outstanding physical properties than other common plastic products. This type of plastic is often supplemented with many additives to increase the prominence of typical products.
    Being popular in manufacturing fields such as electronics, medical equipment, cosmetics, and food. Depending on the product with different formulas as well as choosing materials to suit the product, the advantages of industrial plastics with the development and development of many improved techniques are clear with traditional materials. Silicate…. This type is currently very popular and has many outstanding features

    + High heat resistance, long life, ability to use longer than other basic products

    + Can be reused in many cases

    + Diverse designs, outstanding functions, eye-catching colors

    + Limit the phenomenon of mold and termites

    + Reasonable price compared to international competitive market

    + Very easy to clean, hard to get dirty

    + Save space

    + Competitive prices, absolute quality

    + Supply products nationwide.

    With our extensive experience, Minh Nguyen Plastic will be the choice for you


  1. Making molds in manufacturing factories.
  2. Making details of insulating technical machinery in industry .
  3. Making high-tech electronic circuit boards in the electronics industry.
  4. Make anti-static and waterproof lining and partitions.
  5. Application to support advertising, interior design and construction .
  6. Application in factory life, warehouse and gathering. Cold storage ! Industrial agriculture and forestry.

Plastic MC-Nylon

  • MC resin is a form of molded MC, under normal pressure, the raw materials Lactam Monomer C6H11NO melt, using alkaline compounds as catalysts, activators and other additives to support to form a mixture. Comonomer.
  • Then poured into the mold that has reached a certain temperature, the mixture of materials in the mold quickly undergoes combination reactions, forming a solid workpiece, and then through the relevant process to get the product. desire.

PC Plastic

  • Technical PC plastic, whose full name is Polycarbonate and is abbreviated as PC (brand names Lexan, Makrolon, Makroclear, arcoPlus) is a thermoplastic polymer..
  • Nhựa PC (Polycacbonat) là một loại nhựa tổng hợp trong đó các đơn vị polymer được liên kết thông qua các nhóm cacbonat, chất liệu này có thể được phủ lên một số chất liệu khác nhựa kỹ thuật.

 PU Plastic

  • Solid sheet PU plastic (Polyurethane) is a unique material that offers the ability to stretch rubber combined with the hardness and durability of metal..