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What are engineering plastics?

Engineering plastics are a collection of specialized plastics used in industry to serve technical processing tasks. Engineering plastics come in many different forms, the most common of which are sheets, rods, bars, boxes, fibers. , roll, film. Engineering plastics (also known as Compound) are a combination of traditional plastic substrates (PP, ABS, PC,…) with appropriate reinforcements and additives in the form of masterbatch. The special feature of this material is that there is no fixed formula or ingredient ratio

In Vietnam, engineering plastics are used in most fields of industrial production and are most commonly known as Bakelite plastic sheets, PTFE plastic, HDPE plastic, POM plastic, Teflon plastic, etc. .:


  1. Making molds in factories.
  2. Making details of insulating technical machinery in industry.
  3. Making high-tech electronic circuit boards in the electronics industry.
  4. Make anti-static and waterproof lining and partitions.
  5. Application to support advertising, interior design and construction.
  6. Ứng dụng trong đời sống nhà máy kho bãi , tập kết. Kho lạnh ! Nông lâm công nghiệp .

MC-Nylon plastic

– MC resin is a form of molded MC, under normal pressure, the raw materials Lactam Monomer C6H11NO melt, using alkaline compounds as catalysts, activators and other additives to form a mixture. Comonomers.

– Then poured into the mold that has reached a certain temperature, the mixture of materials in the mold quickly undergoes combination reactions, forming a solid workpiece, and then through the relevant process to get the product. desired product.

PC plastic

– Technical PC plastic, whose full name is Polycarbonate and abbreviated as PC (brand names Lexan, Makrolon, Makroclear, arcoPlus) is a thermoplastic polymer.

– PC plastic (Polycarbonate) is a synthetic plastic in which polymer units are linked through carbonate groups. This material can be coated on a number of materials other than engineering plastics.

PU plastic

– Solid sheet PU plastic (Polyurethane) is a unique material that provides the ability to stretch rubber combined with the hardness and durability of metal.