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Give you a chance. You will need us.

NMN is the abbreviation of Minh Nguyen Plastics Supporting Industry based on the factory’s achievements.
It is one of the reasons (NMN) established and developed key industrial production projects. Shape the biggest hidden demand of the Vietnamese market and understand the market share of the world’s large investment needs.

In the process of continuous development, the corporation and its employees help drive innovation in products, services, processes, and business models, to create greater value and meet the needs of customers. needs of all stakeholders. Furthermore, the Group is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the communities where Minh Nguyen Plastic (NMN) operates and is committed to becoming a leading enterprise in ASEAN.


Talking about supply, the development of 4.0 integration is the leading trend in automation. To save time and increase production value for NMN Group


products to consumers, socialization, integration of each product into human life is a smart solution to save costs, NMN is the optimal solution for consumers when choosing family products. , industrial, high-tech products.


NMN has full trust from customers. All orders can be requested from the design stage, product creation, and comprehensive shelf placement for the brand, to be processed at NMN. Directly support each solution in the most convenient way.

With the progress of development, the goal is to select the highest position. NMN Group sets a motto to attract many people to join the slogan reading challenge ‘’ ACCOMPANY MINH NGUYEN PLASTIC ON EVERY JOURNEY

  • Message conveyed: presenting a youthful and dynamic interpretation, the reason why we want to accompany Minh Nguyen Plastics
  • Specific activities: Introduce through videos how to buy plastic and introduce the process of plastic development Minh Nguyen from the early years first to the present. Advantages and competitive advantage in the market. Convey to the young generation a "dare to think and do" mindset, dedicating youth to a sustainable and developed future.
  • Accept: vlog, video ngắn, TikTok,facebook, Intagram, podcast
  • Lifestyle: Social platformi

Intend time : ngày 1 tháng 1 năm 2024 Đến 2-2-2024

Notification of results: February 10, 2024

Benefits awarded by NMN

  • NMN representative introduces the operating mechanism at the factory (practical visit, experience)
  • Participate in the Logistics forum on the plastic industry. Opportunity to learn how to export goods.
  • Priority for interviews and career opportunities with NMN
  • Build image through building content categories at Minh Nguyen Plastics