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Environmental Protection is the Motto at the factory 24/24

  • Environment is space, which directly affects factories, light and heavy enterprises.
  • The environment provides valuable resources for survival. Because of its importance to the survival of all humanity, measures to protect the environment are needed to maintain our lives..
  • Not simply an individual but a collective of people developing for a green collective
  • Waste classification factor: social environment is the orientation for NMN to implement waste classification and strategy. Create collective strength. Commitment to factory regulations. Another serious way. During the implementation of the Green campaign
  • The role of waste in protecting the factory, the environment containing waste and from production and living activities of workers at the factory
  • Facilitate the provision of environmental or ecosystem services (diversity, ecosystem integrity, and ultraviolet radiation protection) that support life on Earth without the need for any government action. human.
  • Plant many trees. Trees are the source of oxygen for the atmosphere and a source of carbon absorption, reducing soil and ecosystem erosion.
  • Use clean energy. We should and need to change our habits about using renewable energy sources. At any time, people can use energy from wind and sunlight
  • Many people have the habit of leaving the plug in the power outlet even when not using electrical appliances (TV, fan, phone charger, computer…). This action unintentionally wastes a relatively large amount of electricity because Even in standby mode, these devices consume electrical energy. Therefore, it’s best to remember to unplug or turn off all electrical devices when not in use.
  • Prioritize recycled products This is one of the most popular and prioritized ways to help protect the environment today. In this way, we can take advantage of plastic waste to create new products that are useful in the future. life.