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Packaging Design When Processing at NMN

Injection molding technology and  production of finished plastic products

  • Is the process of injecting molten plastic to fill the cavity of the mold. After the plastic cools and solidifies inside, the mold will be opened and the conveyor belt will push the product out.
  • This method is often used for plastics: PP, PS, PVC, PMMA…
  • Application: Injection molding technology has the advantage that it can be used to produce highly complex products in large quantities in a short time such as equipment and spare parts for the electronics, motorbike and automobile industries.
  • Customer service design  plays a vital role in creating value, enhancing satisfaction and building loyal relationships with customers. To achieve this, customer service design must be applied in a holistic approach, combining customer-centric approaches, design thinking and systems thinking, to create a unique experience. seamless, efficient and meets all user expectations. Here are some customer service design principles that you can refer to and apply.

What is customer service design?

Customer service design is the process of building and perfecting a business’s customer service standards, styles, regulations and processes, with the aim of creating the best experience for customers throughout the process. interact, exchange and transact with businesses.

  1. Ideas: After gaining insight into customer insight, you need to create and filter ideas, which can be completely new ideas or ideas based on improving current services to Meet customer expectations.
  2. Plan: Once the ideas have been formed, you will proceed to planning based on the actual situation. At this stage, you will test and test them with a small audience and collect feedback. This makes it easy to adjust your solution and improve service performance.
  3. Implementation: Finally, you will apply the revised plans to a real-world environment, training employees or changing to a new form of service management. Then continue to monitor and measure service performance and make new adjustments when necessary.