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Speculation of Existing Products

Support and promote opportunities for exclusive distributors from Minh Nguyen Plastics
People who want to make profits from the trading markets but lack experience investing in the current trading markets.
So Minh Nguyen plastic helps you become one of the strategic distributors of Agent 1.2.3. In Vietnam market

Mid-term cooperation

Minh Nguyen Plastic is ready to cooperate and support
with reputable domestic and international units, businesses and organizations. Regarding promoting product production and bringing products to market from A-Z, Minh Nguyen Plastic, along with its team of workers, cooperates enthusiastically and professionally combined with a smart and advanced technology system to achieve efficiency. highest work efficiency to consumers.

Long-Term Strategy

Continuously absorb, develop and apply industrial factory models with modern and advanced designs to bring leading industrial projects in the country in terms of scale and quality. The annual capacity of the business proves the value of its position in the Vietnamese market *from household plastic products to Samsung’s Top 1 electronic component products.

Minh Nguyen Plastic (NMN) always creating opportunities for customers and partners to expand business in Vietnam, a market with great and continuing growing demand for plastic products.
“The Plan to embark on creating conditions for expansion starting from 2024” is no longer a premise for investing in NPP to increase production for Vietnam.

Contact Minh Nguyen immediately for specific advice:

Address: Lot HT-1-1, Road D2, Hi-Tech Park, Tang Nhon Phu B, City. Thu Duc, City. HCM

Phone: 0946.570.505