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Minh Nguyen Plastic deploys the coordinated application of factory reform according to the Green plan. 2023 is the year that Minh Nguyen Plastic overcomes many difficulties, but thanks to continuous development efforts, organizational restructuring to implement the policy business automation, green solutions, more specifically:
Measures to protect the air environment and landscape at NMN include ways to help maintain or improve air quality. Being green and clean at the factory when implementing these measures is extremely important. Health comes directly from the air you breathe.
Currently, air quality is becoming very complicated. PM 2.5 fine dust concentration continuously exceeds the limit in some major cities of Vietnam. If this continues for a long time, even the healthiest people will face many health risks. It’s time for everyone to join hands in implementing measures to protect the air environment, practically maintaining general hygiene at the factory.
These measures are not far-fetched or grand. There are many things you can do starting today to help improve air quality. Let’s see Minh Nguyen Plastic (NMN) implement Green solutions.
Reuse plastic items when eating and bringing them to the factory.
– Reusing is a measure that many environmental agencies encourage and advise everyone to do. This will partly limit plastic waste released into the environment.
–Reusing is a measure that many environmental agencies are encouraging and advising everyone to do. This will partly limit plastic waste released into the environment.
– Instead of using it once and throwing it away, people can use that product for other purposes, both saving money and helping you unleash your creativity:
– Reuse plastic items and plastic bottles as decorations such as pen holders, flower pots, etc. Plant trees to create landscape for the factory
+ Dispose of trash in the right place, do not throw trash indiscriminately in the environment, especially plastic waste because it has a decomposition life cycle of up to thousands of years. And proactively classify waste.
Promote the propaganda of human awareness when participating in work when implementing the ethics and obligations of employees at the Factory (in accordance with the role and in accordance with the Group’s policies)
Propaganda to raise community awareness
The best way to deal with plastic waste is for everyone to try to minimize the use of plastic items and seriously implement activities of collecting and classifying plastic waste, not disposing of it indiscriminately. inside the factory, outside the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to promote propaganda activities and raise public awareness about the harmful effects of plastic waste. Reuse bottles, use eating utensils (bowls, chopsticks, spoons, spoons) made of wood, porcelain… limit the use of nylon bags if not necessary, use glass water bottles instead of plastic bottles , put trash in the right place, do not throw trash indiscriminately, proactively classify waste, minimize the use of single-use plastic items.

Target audiences include:

  • Workers and subjects at NMN Group have work plans and hygiene training in the workplace.
  • Consumers
  • Retailer/distributor
  • Customers process products at the factory. True to the quality motto

Propaganda content includes:

  • Harmful effects of nylon bags on socio-economic, environmental and public health.
  • Orienting consumers to switch to using environmentally friendly bags and reusable products.
  • The above activities all demonstrate NMN Group’s long-term commitment to the long-term future of the ‘Vietnam plastic industry’.