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Equality, respect and harmony

Human problems are always solutions and reforms in the community, especially the accessible environment.

The success of a workplace depends entirely on an inclusive and equitable experience.

To ensure these, NMN is developing an understanding and focus on the need to create an equitable working environment. Equality in capacity as well as priority for employees to freely contribute their talents to sponsor the factory and NMN Group in general.

With diverse talent coming from a variety of backgrounds, organizations and teams must understand how to build a work environment that allows all team members to thrive. Especially the production apparatus, together piloting protection groups from warehouse storage to assembling products into packages.

Most of today’s workforce wants to work for a company that values diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Furthermore, over the past few decades, focusing on a more equitable workplace has become an urgent issue for people working together as a team.

NMN has advocated introducing policies to help create more diverse groups, to create a premise for factory talents to develop themselves, and always needs the team to dedicate more efforts to create a An environment that integrates with a community that promotes ethical values and opportunities to create talents. Equality creates Value.