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Smart consumption. Industry automation

Shared by Minh Nguyen Plastic representative: In recent years, the plastic industry has focused on production that uses less natural resources, emits less toxic gases, and “smart consumption”.

Plastic products are encouraged to be reused many times. To meet environmental protection requirements in Vietnam as well as integration requirements in the coming period.

Therefore, technological innovation and automatic innovation are the motto that NMN applies to businesses.

In recent years, Minh Nguyen Plastic, according to the general view of the supporting industry, is a business that has contributed positively to the development of the city in general and has many opportunities and integration with the world in particular. .

In order to take advantage and come up with an optimal plan, each year the business “saves” part of the costs, to operate for the factory’s children, and to support active participation in districts and cities. And activities to promote programs that connect love and economic benefits associated with cultural and social development, take care of construction and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, and continue to pay attention to education. , training, medical care, health protection of the less fortunate.

As well as a plan to closely monitor employees according to 2024 criteria at the factory. Most importantly, NMN also focuses on tightening discipline, improving worker ethics in association with promoting decentralization, decentralization, individualization of responsibilities, and at the same time strengthening inspection, supervision, and control of Management levels as well as employees follow specific criteria to contribute more values to accompany the city’s development.