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What is household plastic?

  • Household plastic refers to goods and products processed and produced from plastic with the main purpose of being used in households, serving the comfortable life of individuals and families..
  • Household plastic products are processed and produced according to market demand. They are very diverse in color, design and size, meeting the requirements of all consumers today. Plastic products are currently classified according to user needs. Vietnam as well as the world’s plastic industry became friendly and Vietnamese companies began to emphasize Vietnamese values as well as a series of plastic household items that are all popular products among Vietnamese people.
  • As life becomes more modern and convenient, the market demand for household plastic products is increasing rapidly. This is followed by the development of the household plastic manufacturing industry to create products that compete with plastic products imported from China, Thailand or some other countries in both quality and price.
  • Minh Nguyen Plastic Group is always the name that appears in the top positions when looking for a reputable wholesale and retail supplier of household plastic products. With more than 27 years of experience in processing all types of Plastic Products. We focus on every step from input product selection, quality inspection, buyer consultation to product warranty. Wherever you can hardly find Minh Nguyen Plastic

Why are Minh Nguyen Plastic household plastic products trusted and chosen by many consumers?

  • Beautiful in design, diverse in size, bright colors.
  • Durable and beautiful over time, safe plastic material, little deformation, no deterioration…
  • Guaranteed 100% new products, imported directly from reputable manufacturers, with warranty stamps and quality inspection certificates according to issued regulations.
  • Competitive and reasonable prices.
  • Customer care service at Minh Nguyen Plastic is professional and dedicated.
  • Peace of mind when using. With the motto of environmentally friendly products and green production.