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Floating buoy assembled with HDPE in tourist area. And On The Waterway Dock . 

HDPE assembled floating buoy is an extremely versatile and convenient product in building and protecting land and water areas. The product is made from HDPE (High-density polyethylene) virgin plastic.
Between the buoy pins, it provides customers with automatic installation in real estate. With anti-corrosion properties and excellent bearing capacity, HDPE assembled floating buoys are the perfect choice for environmental protection in residential areas. Residential, sewer systems, and service independent areas.

This product is designed with a special design and easy assembly feature, making assembly and transportation more convenient than ever. HDPE assembled buoys can be assembled together to form a large buoy system, capable of carrying good loads and protecting the surrounding area.

HDPE assembled floating buoys are widely used in construction projects on water surfaces such as bridges and roads, drainage systems, water-based entertainment areas, docks, hydroelectric dams, aquaculture areas, and above ground infrastructure works such as urban areas, industrial parks, golf courses,…
Floating buoys are used specifically for what purpose ?.

  • Suspension Bridge: Plastic Buoys are used to create a suspension bridge system based on assembled pontoon devices on the river. This suspension bridge system is very versatile and can be used to transport people and goods.
  • Anchor hook: The assembled river buoy device can also be used as an anchor hook for boats and fishing vessels. This device is designed to provide stability and durability to boats and fishing vessels, especially when they are parked in difficult locations on rivers..
  • Raft house: Prefabricated river floating equipment can be used to build raft houses on the river. With Plastic Buoy as the main material, these raft houses are guaranteed to be highly durable and stable on the water.
  • Hydroelectric dams: Assembled river floating buoys can also be used to build hydroelectric dams. With the ability to withstand pressure and high durability, assembled river floats are the ideal material for use in hydroelectric dam projects..
  • On the Sea: Using buoyancy equipment when moving to boats helps customers move quickly.

Manufactured in a variety of sizes and can be customized to suit customer needs. HDPE buoys are able to withstand high attack forces and have high mechanical strength, helping to protect buildings and structures from the impact of waves, strong winds or earthquakes.

In addition, HDPE floats are resistant to UV rays and chemicals, allowing them to be used in many harsh environments such as reservoirs, swimming pools and swamp areas. .

HDPE floats can be designed to fit different shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and triangles to suit the needs of each specific application. In addition, HDPE floats can also be combined with other equipment such as pumps, filters and lights to create a full-featured system for water reservoirs or swimming pools.

Composite floats

  • Composite buoys are a breakthrough product in the shipbuilding and fisheries industries. Made from high-quality composite materials, composite floats have outstanding properties in terms of durability, hardness and bearing capacity..
  • Compared to conventional floats, composite floats are many times more durable. The composite material used in the production of composite floats is a combination of glass fibers, carbon fibers and epoxy resin, creating an extremely special material. With this composite structure, composite floats have better load-bearing and corrosion resistance than conventional floats.
  • Not only that, composite buoys also have high hardness, helping to increase the stability of ships and boats. With this characteristic, composite buoys are widely used in applications requiring high precision and durability such as shipbuilding, boatbuilding, fishery equipment production and marine constructions..
  • In short, composite floats are a breakthrough industrial product, with high strength, corrosion resistance and hardness. With this advantage, composite buoys have been widely used in shipbuilding and fisheries, contributing to the development of the marine industry.

Float on the sea

  • A floating buoy, also known as a buoy, is an important device used on ships and at sea to keep the ship afloat when an incident occurs.
    With a simple but effective design, marine floats are often made of lightweight but durable materials such as foam or polyurethane plastic. They come in round shapes or other shapes depending on their intended use.
  • Floating buoys are often used as a means of safety for boats, especially when encountering natural disasters such as storms, tsunamis or earthquakes. When a ship encounters trouble and sinks, buoys will keep the boat floating on the water, creating conditions for rescue and recovery..
  • In addition, buoys are also used to mark sea areas, enabling boats and fishing vessels to travel safely. They are also used in fisheries activities to increase productivity and minimize losses due to loss of life and property damage..
  • Marine buoys have become an important equipment in the seafood industry and shipbuilding industry. Thanks to their convenience, efficiency and low cost, they are widely used around the world and are considered an indispensable part of maritime activities..

Advantages of HDP Plastic Float : 

  • Easy to move with compact squeegee in a short time .
  • The advantage is that it is very durable and highly durable over time. Resistant to pressure and weather impacts.
  • Accept the capacity on the water surface. 5-7cm thickness is impact resistant and customers don’t have to worry about it breaking. Between the float pins gives the customer automatic mounting in any case. With excellent anti-corrosion and load-bearing properties.
  • Low initial investment cost. Compared to other devices, reinforced concrete floats. Customize according to customer wishes.
  • A lifespan of 15 years is very suitable for a berth. 12 month warranty against product defects.