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This is the outstanding advantage of Minh Nguyen Plastic compared to other competitors. We understand the difficulties in mold manufacturing. There are many customers who only have ideas but don’t know how to realize and concretize what they really want because they don’t know how to organize their ideas and don’t know how to start, and this is what we do. can help. Based on experience and expertise, we begin the consultation with questions related to the products the customer wants to produce:

Intended use: What is the intended use of the product? The intended use will affect other factors such as shape, color, material… For example, plastic bottles for household goods are completely different from plastic bottles used in chemical production. Therefore, the intended use is an extremely important factor to know first.

Circumstances of use: In what circumstances is the product used? Use during the day or at night, indoors or outdoors… For example, if the product is used outdoors, you must choose a good material that can withstand the sun and rain, or if the product is used at night, it needs to be painted in a bright color. for easy visibility.

Conditions of use: Under what conditions will the product be most effective or least effective? How do environmental factors impact the product life cycle? Conditions include: temperature, light, humidity, compression, etc. Does the product work well in low temperature, high humidity, or high pressure conditions, and can the product withstand harsh conditions? how long?

Competitive advantage: How to increase competitive advantage for products? Based on our experience supplying to many diverse customers, we can see the advantages and disadvantages of the product. We will provide valuable advice on how to design a product that maximizes utility and avoids errors, helping to increase competitive advantage over other products on the market.

A brief introduction to the basic plastic mold design process. A brief introduction to the basic plastic mold design process

Plastic mold design provides a basic introduction

–  To calculate the number of mold cavities, we must consider carefully and rely on the following criteria:

+ Size and clamping force of the injection molding machine, according to the number of products or according to the injection capacity of the injection molding machine

+ Delivery time, depending on the product, is 1-2 weeks

+ Standard product quality requirements

+ Mold size structure depends on the product

+ Product price

–   Plastic injection mold design and mold component details are one of the outstanding strengths of Minh Nguyen Plastic. We provide customers with a complete, closed process to the final step to create the most perfect plastic product as expected by customers. The design of plastic injection molds takes advantage of a lot of practical experience to convey into the design process to help reduce the time to produce quality products. In the above article, we have briefly learned about plastic injection mold design. If customers have a need for mold design, please contact Minh Nguyen Plastics to receive the most complete and reliable service.

–   The usual mold cavity layout at the company is usually based on experience, but we have to simulate the process of filling mold cavities without channels to know how they are filled, we will create a system. Channel system to create balance for each mold cavity

–  Normally, depending on each type of product, we choose different mold cavity layouts. The company often arranges them according to:

+ Rectangular shape

+ Round mold cavity

–   Mold parting face The design requirements for the parting face ensure easy removal of parts from the mold.

–   Choose the face with the largest area possible, easy to mold and easy to take the product The smallest possible depth of parting face, easy to fill The number of parting faces must be the least to ensure accuracy when installing

–  Design of plastic channel system

–  This system includes: spray stem, channel and spray nozzle

– Because the size of the nozzle depends on the channel and nozzle, we must design the nozzle and channel first before designing the nozzle.

+ Spray stem:

The injection nozzle is directly connected to the nozzle of the injection molding machine to inject plastic into the mold cavity

The company uses sprayed stem silver rather than making it immediately because it is convenient for processing and replacement.

–   Some technical requirements when designing nozzle bushings:

+ The radius on the nozzle bush must be 2-5mm larger than the radius on the nozzle

+ The taper angle of the spray stem must be 1-3 degrees

+ Materials: U8A, U10A

+ Hardness: 52HRC – 56 HRC

–   Plastic channel:

When designing plastic channels, we must rely on the following technical principles:

+ Minimize the change in channel cross-section. The channel plastic must exit the mold easily

+ The entire length of the channel is shorter to avoid loss of pressure during the full charge process

+ The channel cross section must be large enough to ensure the filling process for the entire product without making the cycle time too long, consuming more material and good clamping force.

+ Injection nozzle for the channel The nozzle has a very important function of filling the mold cavity with plastic. The calculation and arrangement will determine the quality of the product.

–   Guide bush guide pin design

+ Guide pin

+ Plain latch without shoulder

+ Plain latch with shoulder

–    Guide silver:

+ Shoulder type

+ Shoulderless type

+ Self-lubricating shoulderless type

+ Self-lubricating shoulder type

–   Sliding system design

Oblique latch cam Remove the error with a cylinder – piston

–    Cooling system design

–  Design an air release system on the mold parting surface

The air vents should be located where the material is filled last to avoid jamming causing burn marks or the product not being completely filled. The depth of the air vents should comply with the dimensions. Recommended to avoid waste products

–   Push system design After the mold is cooled, take the product out. Due to the vacuum force causing the product to stick to the mold, a push system is needed to push the product out.

–   Elastic system design The function is to push the ejector plate backwards and keep the ejector plate fixed before the mold is completely piled up.

  • Cost savings: How to create products at the best price? Cost is always a difficult problem for every business and we will help share with customers by offering the best solutions to save costs while still ensuring product quality. Cost largely comes from the type of materials used and the complexity of the product. We will offer many options and advise on the best solution for customers.

  • Save time: How to produce products in the fastest time? We are a professional manufacturer so we know clearly the production process as well as the time it takes to make a product and how to shorten this time. For many customers, saving time is saving costs. With our advice, they will receive products sooner. Save time through material selection, product complexity and production line management capabilities.

  • User-friendly: How user-friendly is it? For example, plastic chairs for children are completely different from plastic chairs in the office in terms of style, color, features and materials. We advise our customers on how to create a product that is perfectly adapted to the consumer’s usability.

Therefore, from the customer’s initial basic idea, after discussing the above factors, we add additional opinions and advice to build a better and more complete idea for the customer. will have a more general view of their product and how to maximize its benefits. After summarizing all the necessary information and requirements for the product, we proceed to make the mold. At this stage, we give final advice on shape, color, material, and packaging. Customers will be satisfied with the product design and ready for production.


Plastic injection molding is our specialty. The most modern technology, highly skilled workers and 25 years of experience inherited from the parent company have given us the ability to become a leading manufacturer in the field of plastic molds. We can manufacture plastic components with high complexity and precision regardless of shape, size, style, and material. Highly automated machinery systems lead to low production time and high productivity. The staff of the quality control department will check the quality of the first products until they are stable before starting mass production, and regularly check throughout the production process. Finished products are carefully packaged and moved to the next step.


In order to save labor costs, most customers request labels to be placed on the products. We can label or print logos on products of any shape, color and packaging. The automatic machine system will do this quickly and accurately.


To save costs and time for customers, we also provide finished product assembly services. Instead of receiving loose components and spending time and manpower to assemble, we will assemble the complete product and deliver it to customers. This is the optimal solution for saving time, labor costs and other resources while still ensuring product quality from a reliable service provider. In case customers need components that are not part of Minh Nguyen Plastic’s factory, we will also introduce the most reputable suppliers with good prices based on the business market price system with Minh Nguyen Plastic.

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